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HEET Project

"Higher Education for Economic Transformation Project MUCE"

Higher Education for Economic Transformation Project MUCE

Higher Education for Economic Transformation (HEET) is a five-year project funded by the World Bank through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST), to promote higher education as a catalytic force in the Tanzanian economy. The project is designed to revitalize and expand the capacity of universities to contribute to key areas for innovation, economic development, and institutional relevance to the labour market. This is achieved through substantial investments in state-of-the-art infrastructure that facilitates modern and efficient teaching and research, as well as rigorous training of educators, researchers, and administrators to meet the highest standards.

Mkwawa University College of Education (MUCE) is one of the higher learning institutions in the country that implement HEET Project. Through this project, MUCE is constructing new infrastructure, rehabilitating its facilities and installing modern digital infrastructure for learning and administration. It is also reviewing its degree programmes by engaging the private sector, improving institutional management and gender-related issues and inclusive education. In addition, the project is supporting capacity building for master's and PhD studies for academic staff and short courses for administrative staff.

What exciting outputs can you anticipate from the HEET project?

Construction Projects

  • Science Building: State-of-the-art facility dedicated to scientific research and education.
  • Multimedia and Special Needs Building: Innovative space designed to cater to diverse learning needs.
  • Students' Hostel: Modern accommodation facility providing comfort and convenience for students.
  • Physics Laboratory: Advanced facility equipped for cutting-edge experiments and research.

    Resources and Accessibility

    • • Equipment for Special Needs: Procurement of specialized tools and resources for students with unique requirements.
    • • Laboratory and Research Equipment: Acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment to enhance scientific inquiry.
    • • Motor Vehicle Procurement: Addition of vehicles to facilitate transportation needs within the campus.

    Academic Enhancements

    • • Curriculum Review: Comprehensive update of academic programmes.
    • • Degree Programmes: Introduction of new, industry-relevant programmes to meet evolving demands.
    • • Capacity Building: Support capacity building for academic and administrative staff.

    Academic Technological Upgrades

    • • Fibber Optic Installation: Implementation of high-speed connectivity for improved data transmission.
    • • LAN Infrastructure Rehabilitation: Enhancements to the existing local area network infrastructure.
    • • ICT Equipment and Software Procurement: Acquisition of cutting-edge technology to support learning and research.
    • • Security System and Accessories: Upgrades to ensure a safe and secure campus environment.

    Grievances desk

    1. Dr. Evarist Fundisha (0756312880)
    2. Mr. Tom Mhongole (0768562542)

    MUCE HEET News

    Gender Sensitization: A call to stop gender-based violence and enhance workplace safety

    In a bid to foster a culture of gender equality and safety within the academic environment, the Diversity Unit of Mkwawa University College of Education (MUCE) organized a capacity-building seminar on Gender Sensitization for its staff held on 16th June 2024.

    Enhancing Guidance and Counseling Skills to Foster a Supportive and Inclusive Learning Environment

    On March 13, 2024, our College hosted an inspiring seminar dedicated to raising awareness about the crucial guidance and counseling services available to our students and staff. This enlightening event was generously funded by the Higher Education for Economic Transformation (HEET) project.

    MUCE HEET Events

    19 - 27 June 2024
    0800 - 1600 Hrs