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"Your Home Away From Home: Premier Student Accommodation at MUCE"

We understand the importance of a comfortable and secure living environment for our students. Our College provides accommodation spaces for up to 1,150 students. We prioritize new students and female students, ensuring they have convenient on-campus housing options. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the university experience.

If on-campus spaces are not available, the vibrant community surrounding the College offers alternative accommodation options at reasonable costs. Many students find suitable housing in the nearby area.

First Semester

It begins on 6th November 2023 and ends on 1st March 2024. The registration for continuing students begins on 6th November 2023 and ends on 17th November 2023. The lecture session ends on 15th February 2024. The mid-semester breather begins on 23rd December 2023 and ends on 29th December 2023.

First semester exams begin on 16th February 2024 and end on 1st March 2024. The inter-semester break starts on 2nd March 2024 and ends on 23rd March 2024.

Second Semester

It begins on 23rd March 2024 and ends on 19th July 2024. The lecture session ends on 4th July 2024.

Second semester exams begin on 5th July 2024 and end on 19th July 2024.

The academic year 2023/2024 ends on 18th July 2024. The long vacation begins on 20th July 2024 and ends on 2nd November 2023.

Practical training and Teaching Practice

Each year first and second year students attend their practical training (for students studying non-teacher education programmes) and teaching practices (for students studying teacher education programmes). Their pactices begins on 22nd July 2024 and ends on 13th September 2024.

Graduation ceremony

The 16th MUCE Graduation Ceremony is set to be held on 23rd November 2024. We encourage you to continue visiting this page for any updates, changes, and additional details regarding the upcoming graduation ceremony.

Public Holidays

Holiday Date
Maulid Day 28 September 2023
Nyerere Day 14 October 2023
Independence Day 9 December 2023
Christmas 25 December 2023
Boxing Day 26 December 2023
New Year 1 January 2024
Zanzibar Revolution 12 January 2024
Good Friday 29 March 2024
Easter Monday 1 April 2024
Karume Day 7 April 2024
⃰Eid el Fitr - Day One 10 April 2024
⃰Eid el Fitr - Day Two 11 April 2024
Union Day 26 April 2024
Workers Day 1 May 2024
⃰Eid el Hajj 17 June 2024
Saba Saba Day 7 July 2024
Nane Nane Day 8 August 2024
Maulid Day 16 September 2024
Nyerere Day 14 October 2024
Independence Day 9 December 2024
Christmas 25 December 2024
Boxing Day 26 December 2024

* mark Dates for Eid el Fitr and Eid el Hajj are subject to moon sighting.

For comprehensive details about the academic calendar, please refer to the university almanac, which can be conveniently downloaded HERE