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The Faculty excels in training innovative and compassionate educators who shape the future of learning.

The Faculty of Education (FoED) is one of the three faculties of MUCE that was established in 2005/2006. The Faculty’s mission is to produce teachers with professional practice, character, commitment, interest and passion in teaching.

It aspires to develop teachers for primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education and other educational professionals and practitioners with world class standards and skills of the 21st century. This desire is achieved though providing quality pre-service education programmes that produce effective teachers with appropriate and adequate knowledge, skills, passion and proficiency, and who are globally competitive and capable of meeting and overcoming challenges of a dynamic world. The faculty has highly qualified and competent national and international world class scholars in different areas of educational specializations. FoE also fosters international collaborations, notably with VIA University College in Denmark, facilitating student exchanges, internships, scholar exchange programmes, and the sharing of curricular and instructional materials. Additionally, the Faculty has established partnerships with IBO Italia, an Italian Non-Governmental Organization engaged in international cooperation and voluntary work. Their collaborative efforts in Tanzania focus on inclusive education, particularly targeting children with disabilities. In terms of research, the Faculty is actively involved in two ongoing research projects and has contributed over 200 publications since its inception.

The Faculty offers undergraduate degree programmes and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education

News FoED

How Teaching Practice and Practical Training Transform Knowledge into Unstoppable Skills

Just like characters in a novel grow through their experiences, our students at MUCE develop through repeated practice. This isn't just doing the same thing over and over; it's a deliberate method to deeply engrain skills. It's like a refrain in poetry, where repeating lines reinforce the main idea and create stronger emotions.

MUCE's Visit to Patandi Teachers College to Experience on the Current Situation Surrounding Inclusive Education at MUCE

Mkwawa University College of Education (MUCE), through its Special Needs Education Unit, paid a visit to Patandi Teachers College on 10th May 2024, not only to share its knowledge, but also engage in a mutual learning process to foster a collaborative platform for shared learning and growth.

Faculty of Education Secures Consultancy Worth 18 Million Tanzanian Shillings

We are thrilled to announce that the Faculty of Education has successfully secured a consultancy contract valued at 18 million Tanzanian shillings. The consultancy aims to conduct a comprehensive study on the "Barriers to Access and Use of Early Childhood Education (ECE) Services among Vulnerable Households in Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar."

Academic Appointments in the Faculty of Education

We extend hearty congratulations to Dr. Hassan Iddy on his appointment as the Coordinator of the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI). Joining him in leadership is Dr. Eunice Ndomondo, who assumes the role of Deputy Coordinator of CERI.

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