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Prof. Mesharch Katusiimeh

I’m an Associate Professor and Dean Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Kabale University – Uganda. I have been at MUCE as a Visiting Professor in the Department of History, Political Science and Development Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

General impressions at MUCE

• Academic Quality Assurance Mechanism at MUCE is excellent. The busy environment on campus is laudable. Keeping university students engaged and focused in many universities is difficult, but MUCE does it. Lecturers are always available and focused too. When they are not available on campus to teach for one reason or another, they coordinate with colleagues to take on their classes. They don't dodge courses, and there are minimal students dodging in class. I like seeing students in discussion groups throughout the day and night, including on weekends.

• Recruiting tutorial assistants who are mentored to higher positions is a wonderful culture that ensures the retention of academic staff and loyalty to the institution. On top of that, they are supported by the university management to acquire higher qualifications. I met a number of colleagues who started as tutorial assistants at MUCE and are now advancing to being promoted to associate professors. Teaching assistants are important because they support the course instructor to ensure the effective delivery of the required materials and foster a positive learning environment.

All these experiences have made me confirm that Tanzania is one of my favourite African countries if I had any doubt. People are very friendly and helpful, and polite to visitors. I have learned a lot from being a visiting scholar. I am happy to have decided to ‘escape’ my comfort zone to come here and experience a new environment.