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Our Infrastructure

MUCE is covered by natural and planted trees, grasses and flowers. The campus has an area of 633.31 Acres, of which the developed land is 114.71 Acres, 18.11%, while undeveloped land is 518.60 Acres, 81.89% of the total land. The existing land use on the campus is explained in terms of zones. These are the administration zone, academic zone, staff housing zone, students’ hostel zone, health centre zone, recreation zone, commercial zone and the estate zone. Academic Zone occupies 5.01% of the total land use. This zone comprises the Lecture Theatres, Lecture Rooms, Seminar Rooms, Science Laboratories, Computer Laboratories, Education Media Resource Centre and Library.

Lecture Theatres

MUCE has two Lecture Theatres with a capacity of accommodating 1,642 students: 1007 in the first lecturer theatre and 635 in the second one

Lecture Halls

MUCE has two Lecture Halls with a capacity of accommodating 450 students: 250 in the first lecture hall and 200 in the second one.

Lecture and Seminar Rooms

MUCE has six Lecture Rooms with a capacity of accommodating 864 students. There are seven Seminar Rooms with capacity of accommodating 880 students.

Science Laboratories

There are Seven Laboratories with a capacity of accommodating 520 students at a time.

Computer Labs

There are four Computer Laboratories with capacity of accommodating 216 students at a time


MUCE has one Library with capacity of accommodating 523 users at a time.

Students Hostels

MUCE has a total of six halls of residence in the campus that have a capacity to accommodate 1,200 students


Mkwawa Health Centre saves a population of around fifty thousand (50,000) people that include students, staff and surroundings community. The inpatient unit of the Health Centre consists of male, female and private wards with a total bed occupancy of forty-two (42) beds. Furthermore, it operates for twenty-four (24) hours. It offers medical consultations, family planning, laboratory tests (blood, urine and stool), dressing and medication with various units which are led by qualified staff including the outpatient and Emergency Unit, Inpatient Unit, Reproductive and Child Health Clinic (RCH), Diarrhoea Treatment Corner (DTC), Pharmacy, Laboratory, Voluntary and Counseling Unit (VCT), Care and Treatment Clinic (CTC), TB Clinic, Sexual Reproductive Health Unit, Minor Theatre and Male, Female and Private Wards.