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Gender Sensitization: A call to stop gender-based violence and enhance workplace safety

In a bid to foster a culture of gender equality and safety within the academic environment, the Diversity Unit of Mkwawa University College of Education (MUCE) organized a capacity-building seminar on Gender Sensitization for its staff held on 16th June 2024. The seminar was a platform for the participants to discuss critical issues surrounding gender-based violence and workplace safety. The event was attended by staff members from various departments at MUCE. 

In his opening address, Prof. Deusdedit Rwehimbiza, the Acting Principal of MUCE, underscored the significance of the seminar in empowering participants with essential knowledge. He remarked, "I believe that every participant in this seminar will not leave as they came. The knowledge you will gain today will help you understand in depth the true meaning of gender equality, gender-based violence and its types, employee rights, and how to report any related violence, and ultimately to address various challenges of violence."

Prof. Rwehimbiza further emphasized the pivotal role of staff members in supporting students and advocating for their rights. "I hope that each of you acquiring knowledge about gender issues and gender-based violence will make it easier to assist our students in seeking help from the relevant office when needed," he stated.

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