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How Teaching Practice and Practical Training Transform Knowledge into Unstoppable Skills

Just like characters in a novel grow through their experiences, our students at MUCE develop through repeated practice. This isn't just doing the same thing over and over; it's a deliberate method to deeply engrain skills. It's like a refrain in poetry, where repeating lines reinforce the main idea and create stronger emotions. In education, this process helps students understand better and make skills second nature.

At MUCE, our degree programmes are strongly connected to teaching practice and practical training. This gives students the chance to apply what they've learned in the classroom to real-world situations. This year, our students will participate in their teaching practice and practical training from 22nd July to 6th September 2024.

During this period, students in our teacher's degree programmes will go for teaching practice in schools and colleges around the country. Similarly, students in non-teaching degree programmes will go for practical training in various industries to enhance their hands-on skills.

Before the practical sessions start, we have a tradition of gathering all students for a training session to give them tips for success and explain the dos and don'ts. This training was held on 29th June 2024 at MUCE. The event was officially opened by the Acting Deputy Principal - Academic, Research, and Consultancy, Dr. Orestes Kapinga. In his opening speech, Dr. Kapinga urged students to take the practical sessions seriously, as they not only enhance skills but also count towards their grades.

The training was led by our team of professional education experts, headed by the Teaching Practice Coordinator, Dr. Mariana Mhewa. As a College, we take a moment to wish our students all the best in their teaching practices and practical training, which will begin right after they complete their second-semester university examinations.

Good luck to all our students in their practical endeavours!

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