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Discover MUCE, where excellence meets community engagement. With state-of-the-art facilities and renowned faculty, we offer diverse programmes tailored to today’s educational demands. Join us for a transformative journey!

Are you interested in pursuing your education with us?

Welcome to Mkwawa University College of Education (MUCE), a proud Constituent College of the University of Dar es Salaam. We are committed to providing high-quality degree programmes and a diverse range of subjects. MUCE stands as one of the nation's premier institutions, renowned for producing top-notch graduates, particularly in the field of education. Our College offers a wide array of academic programmes at the bachelor's, postgraduate, and master's levels. Here you will find valuable information about the application process, gain insights into the vibrant student life at MUCE, and much more. Join us on your journey toward academic excellence!

Programmes and courses

On this page, you'll find a comprehensive overview of our courses and programmes, all of which are delivered in English, except for those specifically offered in Swahili language. We also offer a variety of short courses to cater to your diverse educational needs.

We highly encourage our students to read more about our programmes and courses and other important information, specifically the roles and regulations, the distinctions between programmes and courses, credits, course structures, grading system, and familiarize themselves with teaching methods and semesters on our prospectus, which can be downloaded here