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Through cutting-edge research and dedicated outreach, we strive to uncover new insights and disseminate valuable information to the wider community.

MUCE is a hub of cutting-edge research characterized by collaborative efforts across various disciplines. With a team of over 200 researchers and lecturers, our institution explores a wide spectrum of subjects, from science and the arts to humanities and teacher education studies. We take pride in hosting esteemed researchers, fostering international collaborations, and actively contributing to the advancement of knowledge and innovation.

Here are some ongoing research projects at MUCE. In each project, the names of our staff are highlighted in blue. You may click on their names to view details about their academic profiles. You may also use the shortcut menu on the right to search MUCE staff by clicking "Find Staff."

"Research with a Purpose, Outreach with Passion"
Research Title Researchers Funder Research Summary Start year End year
Reconstructing Ecological Footprints of Diverse Human Activities in the Western Serengeti Ecosystem over the Last 500 Years

Dr. Titus Ombori and Dr. Sinyati Robinson


The project aims to analyze and document the long-term environmental impacts of human activities in the Western Serengeti. By examining historical data and ecological changes, the project seeks to understand how various activities have shaped the ecosystem.

2023 2024
Enhancing modern beekeeping practices to increase productivity and income among beekeepers in Uyui and Sikonge Districts of Tabora region Western Tanzania

Dr. Michael Elias and Prof. Amos Majule


The project aims to improve beekeeping techniques and technologies. By promoting modern practices, the project seeks to boost honey production, enhance the quality of bee products, and increase the income of local beekeepers.

2023 2024