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Directorate of Students Services

Director of Students Services

Dr. Adella R. Mtey, Director

Dear Esteemed Website Visitors,

Welcome to the virtual gateway to the heart of student life at Mkwawa University College of Education!

I am thrilled to extend a warm and hearty welcome to you on behalf of the entire Student Services team. Our mission is to ensure that every student's journey here is not just educational but enriching, memorable, and deeply rewarding.

At Mkwawa, we are committed to nurturing a supportive and inclusive environment where our students can thrive academically, socially, and personally. Whether you're a prospective student exploring our programs, a current student seeking resources, or an alumni reconnecting with your alma mater, you are an integral part of our vibrant community.

Our dedicated team is here to assist you with a wide range of services, from academic advising and career guidance to counseling and student activities. We believe that holistic development is key to a successful academic experience, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

As you explore our website, I encourage you to take advantage of the resources and information available. We are here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you make the most of your time at Mkwawa.

Thank you for being a part of our community, whether as a prospective student, a current student, or an interested visitor. Together, we can shape your educational journey into a truly transformative experience.

General Information


Mkwawa University College of Education (MUCE) is a vivacious, diverse place offering countless opportunities of intellectual, social, leadership and research in education. The Office of the Director of Students Services (DSS) is here to help you navigate the complexities of campus, to serve as your advocate and to guide you to the many essential resources available to you at MUCE.

It seeks to facilitate the integration of the academic experience of students with all aspects of university and student life. The Office facilitates interactions among students, faculty and staff to promote the College climate which supports students' academic success and their personal and professional development

One of our primary goals is to function as your personal MUCE "search engine." Finding answers to your inquiries can begin with DSS.

The most wonderful part of what we do every day is interacting with you, our exceptionally talented, thoughtful, and passionate students.

We in Director of Students Services office work hard to offer our students opportunities to expand their learning experience beyond the classroom, provide our students with all sorts of ways to explore their interests and passions, support our students with guidance and counseling on academic, social, psychological and other issues, and to make living and learning at Mkwawa University College of Education as warm, smooth, supportive, and fun as possible.

We invite you to stay a while and browse MUCE website to learn more about the high-quality services of the Office of Director of Students Services, and the dedicated staff who bring them to you. We welcome your partnership in building a community which is enriched by our diversity and sustained by civility and mutual respect.

Our students are exposed to what can only be described as unlimited opportunities for involvement, leadership, and personal exploration. The four primary units of the office, help students take an active role in positively shaping our College community. These are Sports, Game & Entertainment; Counseling and guidance; Students Governance as well as Health, sanitation and accommodation. These units are coordinated by experienced Wardens.

In collaboration with DARUSO-MUCE the office of the Director of Students Services organize Sports tour and encourage students to participate fully because sports promote good health.

Once you are here, do not hesitate to consult our office for any enquiry. We want you to enjoy a stay at MUCE.

Join MUCE to explore the available opportunities.


This is known as Dar es Salaam University Students Organization and it is abbreviated as DARUSO. Every student who is registered at this University is automatically a member of this organization. DARUSO is structured by three main organs namely cabinet, University Students Representative Council (USRC) and DARUSO Board. The cabinet comprises of President of DARUSO, His/her Vice President, Prime Minister and Ministers of various ministries. The USRC comprises of all students representing their fellows from their classes, faculties and Halls or hostels. Others are appointees by the USRC Speaker and the cabinet members are also included in USRC. DARUSO board is a quasi judicial organ which deals with disciplinary matters for DARUSO leaders. It is formed by Faculty Chairpersons and Secretaries. The role of the cabinet is to run the DARUSO government through its ministries which are formed by the President, Vice-president and Prime Minister. The USRC has the roles of discussing matters concerning students and making final decisions and order the cabinet and DARUSO Board to implement. But USRC decisions should not contradict with the prevailing documents such as University Charter and Students By-Laws.

Students Bylaws

Mkwawa University College of Education, like many academic institutions, typically has a set of student bylaws in place to ensure the smooth functioning and well-being of the university community. These bylaws may encompass various aspects of student life, including academic conduct, campus behavior, and administrative procedures.

These regulations serve to establish expectations and guidelines for students in areas such as attendance, academic integrity, respectful behavior towards fellow students and faculty, use of university facilities, and adherence to administrative processes. These bylaws are designed to foster a positive and conducive learning environment for all students while upholding the values and standards of the institution. It is essential for students to familiarize themselves with and abide by these bylaws throughout their tenure at the university to ensure a harmonious and productive educational experience.

To download the students bylaws Click Here

DSS Staff

Dr. Adella Mtei
Director Student Services
Leah Asajile
Warden Hall 6 and Head Counseling section
Winston Mdegela
Warden Hall 1
Agnes Egidius
Warden Hall 4 and coordinator of students Governance
Edith Kilegu
Warden Hall 5 and coordinator of Health and Catering Services
Petro Mrope
Warden Hall 2 and Sports coordinator
Ally Hussein
Warden Hall 3