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Directorate of Research and Innovation

Director of Research and Innovation

Dr. Selina T. Mkimbili, Director

Dear Valued Visitors!

Welcome to the dynamic world of research and innovation at Mkwawa University College of Education!

As the Director of Research and Innovation, I am thrilled to extend my warmest greetings to you. Whether you are a student, faculty member, fellow researcher, or simply curious about the exciting work happening at our institution, I invite you to explore the wealth of knowledge and creativity that defines our academic community.

Here at Mkwawa, we believe that innovation is the driving force behind progress, and research is the compass that guides us forward. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and fostering a culture of creativity is unwavering. We are dedicated to exploring new horizons, finding solutions to complex challenges, and shaping the future of education.

As you navigate our website, you will discover a diverse range of research projects, innovative initiatives, and a vibrant community of scholars and thinkers. Our mission is not just to educate but to inspire, innovate, and impact. We hope that you will find inspiration in our work and consider joining us on this exciting journey of discovery.

Thank you for visiting our webpage and being a part of our quest to transform education through research and innovation. Together, we can achieve remarkable things.

General Information


During the reported period, two (2) new research studies were initiated, and 32 research studies continued to be conducted by researchers from various faculties as indicated in Tables No. 1, 2, and 3.

Table 1: List of New Researches
SN. Project Name Researchers Department Funder
1. Resource nationalism in Southern Africa Prof. Richard Saunders (PI), Japhace Poncian (Researcher) HI, PS&DS Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSRC)
2. The European Union and Africa in a Multi Crises World Dr. Helena Myeya and Dr. Jerzy Gilarowski GE&EC ERASMUS under Jean Monnet Policy Debate
Table 2: List of Ongoing Researches
Sn. Name of Project Researchers Department Funder
1. To Break or Be Broken – A Study of Valency-Decreasing Alternations in East Ruvu Bantu Languages Dr. Ponsian Kanijo, Leora Bar-el and Malin Petzel LL Swedish Research Council
2. Evaluation of pheromone for mating disruption of maize pest in Iringa, Tanzania Dkt. Fikira Kimbokota, Dkt. Juma Mmongoyo, Dkt. Agenor Mafra-Neto na Prof. Teun Dekke 9. Veronica Mbuba CHE ISCA technologies through EU Phera grant
3. Engaging Sustainable Monitoring of Agro-chemical Residues to Improve Agricultural Products in Southern Highlands Dr. Amina I. Msonga, (PI) Dr. Godlisten N. Shao, Dr. Moses I. Olotu BS UDSM-MUCE
4. Energy struggles: Renewable energy in Africa Rasmus Pedersen (Danish Institute for International Studies-DIIS), Thabit Jacob (University of Gothenburg), Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai (University of Ghana), Gusai Sheikheldin (STIPRO) and Japhace Poncian (MUCE) HI,PS&DS DANIDA
5. Transforming Ripe Brewing Banana Fruits into Bioethanol Fuel Dr. Lewis Mtashobya (PI), Dr. Jovine Emanuel and Ms. Debora Mahushi CHE UDSM-MUCE
6. Assessment of Nutritional Composition in Selected Herbs to Enhance their Utilization as Food Supplements Dr. Elianaso Elimbinzi (PI), Dr. Christina Phabian and Dr. Godlisten Shao, Dr. Venderine Tairo and Mr. Fanuel Ligathe CHE UDSM-MUCE
7. Transforming Leachates into Cheap Fertiliser for Improving Agricultural Productivity and Waste Recyclability Christina Fabian Pius (PI), Dr. Godlisten Shao and Dr. Washa B. Washa CHE (UDSM-MUCE)
8. What Motivates and Demotivates College Students’ Reading Behaviour: Implications for Academic Achievement John Kalolo (PI), Jaqueline Moshi Amani, Philpo Gwevu John, and Selina Thomas Mkimbili EPCS UDSM-MUCE
9. Investigating Sustainability of Community Based Initiatives to Improve Maternal and Child Health in Rural Tanzania: A Case of Uturo Model in Mbarali District Dr. Chakupewa M, (PI) Dr. Manyerere D and Dr. Myeya H HI,PS&DS (UDSM-MUCE)
10. Potential health risk assessment for toxic metals and microbial contamination in clay- soil consumed among pregnant women in Tanzania Dr. Moses I. Olotu (PI), Dr. Amina I. Msonga, Mr. Fanuel J. Ligate BS UDSM-MUCE
11. Enhancing teaching and learning of Swahili as a foreign language through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) platform. Dr. Kawonga G,(PI) Dr. Dr. Nchimbi F; Dr. Kanijo P, Dr. Kaoneka S, Ms. Mbuba V, Mr. Kagwema A, Ms. Shinyaka A, Dr. Kilowoko F, Dr. John F, Mr. Kidasi J, Ms. Mihayo A and Mr. Edward N. LL UDSM-MUCE
12. The exploitation and degradation threats of wild edible fruits in Miombo woodlands of Uyui and Sikonge districts of Tabora region in Western Tanzania Dr. Michael E,(PI) Dr. Mbise M,Ms. Saria A GE&EC (UDSM-MUCE)
13. Diversifying cultural heritage tourist products for sustainable rural livelihoods in Southern Circuit of Tanzania. Dr. Manyerere (PI) D, Dr. Mteti S, Dr. Chakupewa HI,PS&DS UDSM-MUCE
14. Compositing of disposable diapers: Empowering women on management of Disposable Diapers for economic and environmental health improvement Dr. Shakila M (PI), Dr. Ashura N Dr. Chakupewa M, Dr. Lewis M, Mr. Pasiens N. HI,PS&DS UDSM-MUCE
15. Climate Change and Food Security Nexus in Tanzania: Enhancing Smallholder Farmers’ Adaptation Strategies for Improving Household Crop Production in Dodoma Region Dr. Tiemo H, (PI) Dr. Chakupewa M and Mr. Masolwa P GE&EC UDSM-MUCE
16. Gender and Perceptions of Legitimacy and Inheritance: A Comparison between Matrilineal and Patrilineal Societies in Tanzania Dr. Helena M, (PI), Dr. Livin D and Mr. Michael M. GE&EC UDSM-MUCE
17. Enhancing modern beekeeping practices to increase productivity and income among beekeepers in Uyui and Sikonge Districts of Tabora region Western Tanzania Dr. Michael Elias, (PI), na Prof. Amos Majule. GE&EC UDSM-MUCE
18. Predicting and understanding excessive use of alcohol using machine learning algorithms: A case of Rombo district in Kilimanjaro Dr. Ubaya M, (PI), and Ms. Joyce Kalistus N na Dr. Livini D GE & EC UDSM-MUCE
19. Land Use Conflicts in tree planting surge: Manifestation and Mechanisms for Conflict Resolution in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. Dr. Sospeter Jibunge (PI), Prof. Esther W. Dungumaro, and Justin L GE&EC UDSM-MUCE
20. Promoting Endogenous Knowledge through Oral tales in Tanzania Primary Schools: A Case of Sangu People in Mbarali District Dr. Kalenge M, (PI), Selina Mkimbili, and Philipo John LL UDSM-MUCE
21. Closing the financial inclusion gender gap to unlock women's entrepreneurial capacity in Tanzania Dr. Cornel J(PI) Chakupewa M GE&EC REPOA
22. Enhancing the Use of ICT among Mathematics Teachers to Improve Students’ Academic Performance in Tanzanian Secondary Schools Willy Kasuga (PI), Chacha Chacha, Doris Mosha, Hassan Iddy, Upendo Jeremia EP&CT UDSM-MUCE
23. Promoting Mathematics Teachers’ Understanding and Implementation of Jigsaw Strategy in Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in Tanzania Dr. Chacha Chacha, (PI), Dr. Mariana Manyusi Mhewa, Dr. Hawa Mpate MT&CT UDSM-MUCE
24. Effectiveness of Pesticidal Plants in Reducing Pre and Post-harvest losses in Stored Maize: A case study of Songea Rural District, Ruvuma Dr. Washa Washa, (PI) Saada Mbepera and Shaabani A. Mshamu BS UDSM-MUCE
25. Biogas generation from fish wastes as energy source in enhancing resource recovery for environmental conservation Dr. Jovine Emmanuel, (PI) Dr. Flaviana Ngabala, Dr. Godlisten Shao, Lewis Mtashobya, Jonas Gervas and Philimon Nganyira CHE UDSM-MUCE
26. Reconstructing Ecological Footprints of Diverse Human Activities in the Western Serengeti Ecosystem over the Last 500 Years Dkt. Titus Ombori na Dkt. Sinyati Robinson Mar HI, PS & DS UDSM-MUCE


  1. Dkt. Talam E. Kibona, Dkt. Jovine K. Emmanuel na Bi. Saada M. Mbepera waliwezesha mafunzo ya ufundishaji wa masomo ya Sayansi (Fizikia, Kemia na Biolojia) kupitia Mradi wa Kuinua Ubora wa Elimu ya Se¬kondari (SEQUIP) chini ya Wizara ya Elimu Sayansi na Teknolojia. Mafunzo hayo yalifanyika katika Chuo cha Ualimu Tukuyu, Mbeya kuanzia tarehe 27 Machi, 2023 hadi 7 Aprili, 2023 na tarehe 24 Aprili, 2023 hadi 28 Aprili, 2023. Mafunzo hayo yalihusisha walimu wa Fizikia, Kemia na Biolojia kutoka mikoa ya Rukwa, Songwe na Katavi. Pia, mafunzo hayo yalifanyika Chuo cha Ualimu Butimba, Mwanza kuanzia tarehe 20 Mei, 2023 hadi 26 Mei, 2023 na tarehe 3 Juni, 2023 hadi 10 Juni, 2023. Mafunzo hayo yalihusisha walimu wa masomo tajwa kutoka mikoa ya Tanga na Ruvuma. Vilevile, mafunzo hayo yalifanyika Shule ya Sekondari Ilboru, Arusha kuanzia tarehe 11 Juni, 2023 hadi 30 Juni, 2023, na yalihusisha walimu wa masomo tajwa kutoka mikoa ya Manyara, Arusha na Kilimanjaro.

  2. Dkt. Adeline P. Mtunya alishiriki kupitia maandiko ya kiutafiti yaliyotumwa kwenye Tume ya Sayansi na Teknolojia (COSTECH) kuomba ufadhili. Dkt. Mtunya alihusika kupitia maandiko yaliyokuwa yanahusu Elimu ya Hisabati. Zoezi hilo lilifanyika Dar es Salaam kuanzia tarehe 13 June, 2023 hadi 19 Juni, 2023. Pia, Dkt. Talam Kibona alihudhuria Kikao cha Kamati ya Ushauri ya Utafiti na Maendeleo cha COSTECH kilichofanyika tarehe 16 Juni, 2023 Dar es Salaam. Kikao hicho kilienda sambamba na Maonesho ya Nane ya Ubunifu ya Sayansi na Teknolojia. Dkt. Kibona alialikwa kujadili mpango wa namna ya kuhusisha taasisi za elimu, utafiti na viwanda, mathalani ushiriki wa jamii kwenye tafiti.

  3. Dkt. Evarist F. Swai na Dkt. Sospeter C. Jibunge waliwezesha mafunzo ya upimaji (surveying and mapping) kwa wanafunzi wa Shule ya Sekondari Kihesa yaliyofanyika tarehe 6 Mei, 2023, chuoni Mkwawa.

  4. Dkt. Selina T. Mkimbili na Dkt. Jaqueline A. Moshi walitoa mafunzo kwa walimu wa shule za sekondari Mawelewele na Kiwele kuhusu usimamizi mzuri wa miradi ya wanafunzi. Mafunzo hayo yalifanyika kwenye shule tajwa tarehe 13 Juni, 2023 na 15 Juni, 2023. Mafunzo hayo yalihudhuriwa na walimu 26.


During the 4th Quarter 2022/2023, there were a total of 47 publications. Among these, 17 were from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, 15 were from the Faculty of Science, and 15 were from the Faculty of Education, as seen in the following list:"

Publications from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Publications from Faculty of Science

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